Shaqawi primary and secondary school building

  • Client Local Authority - Hadramout
  • Location Hadramawt al-Raida and short
  • Contract year 2022

The Shaqawi primary and secondary school building project is a distinguished achievement implemented by Saeed Bin Salman Contracting Establishment, which reflects its commitment to quality and innovation in the field of construction. The building is located in a strategic location that allows easy access for students and teachers, which contributes to providing an ideal learning environment for the development of abilities and skills.

The primary and secondary school building project in Shaqawi was implemented in cooperation with the local authority in Hadramout region. The building is located in Hadramout Al-Raida and Qusayr, which gives it a strategic location in the heart of the local community.

The contract for the implementation of this project was signed in 2022, and since then, Saeed Bin Salman Contracting Establishment has worked diligently to turn the vision into reality. Using the latest technology and innovative building materials, an educational building has been created that matches the needs of students and teachers in the region.

This project constitutes an example of positive cooperation between the private and government sectors, as the requirements of the local authority were met effectively and professionally. The new building for the primary and secondary school reflects everyone's commitment to providing a distinguished educational environment that contributes to the development of society and enhances the future of students.

The school project features a modern and attractive architectural design, where modern elements are combined with traditional style in a harmonious way.
  High-quality building materials have been used that ensure long-term durability and sustainability, creating a safe and comfortable learning environment.

The building consists of several floors allocated to different levels of education. The ground floor includes reception halls, administrative offices, and a multi-use hall.
  As for the upper floors, it contains classrooms equipped with the latest educational technology, and fully equipped science laboratories to encourage experimentation and exploration.

The school has been carefully designed to provide dedicated outdoor spaces for sports and outdoor activities, including sports fields and open-air theatres. Integrated logistical facilities such as a library, restaurant and cafeteria have been provided to comprehensively meet the needs of students and teachers.

The Shaqawi primary and secondary school project reflects the vision of the Saeed Bin Salman Contracting Establishment to achieve excellence and innovation in the field of construction, and to provide an educational environment that encourages the comprehensive growth of students.
This project is a great example of successful cooperation between the private sector and the educational sector to build a better future for the next generation.

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